Saturday, October 6, 2012

How much income monthly would a person need to make a living off of adsense?

This question must have popped in every person who whats to earn some decent income from Google Adsense. How much can I earn from Google Adsense? Some people earn more then thousand Dollars per month from adsense and few stuck on few cent or nil. Earning from this advertising program have become a trick for the webmasters.

Going back to the topic how much should you earn so that you would be satisfied and lead a comfortable life. If you are from South America, earning $1600 is enough to lead a comfortable life but If you are from USA you need to earn $3,500 or more for comfortable journey of your life.

Countries like India, Pakitan, Banglesh and other subcontinent countries requires less earning as many product are sold at very low price and have lower cost of living in these countries. So earning $600-700 from Google Adsense would be enough to lead a satisfactory life in India.

There is no end in requirement of earning a person demand for his comfortable life. So if you want to earn thousands dollars Cheque from adsense you should set some milestone of your income from Google and try to cross every target set by you.

Thursday, October 4, 2012 - Digital Inpiration Income around Rs 3 lakhs( 3 Million) per month is a successful blog created by Mr Amit Aggarwal who act as a role model for almost all the Indian bloggers. His creation Digital Inspiration has became a realty to earn a fortune per month for Indian bloggers who got bored with their jobs and what to earn money by home based jobs. is making a decent sum of money from Google Adsense only of Rs 30,00,000 approx per month. This is only a estimated data the income can be far more or vice verse. has Alexa ranking of 2,238 in world and 315 in India on 5th October 2012. Adsense Income 2012 (4 Lakh Per Month)

Site name:

Introduction about blogger: is a blog from an Indian blogger , known to all of us bloggers as “Saurav Sharma” who is currently living in Bihar with his parents and running few sites and making the income mainly from Google Adsense. According his post on he runs a couple of sites and making 10 times higher salary then what he was getting while working as an engineer in an IT firm. on his blog you can come to know about lots of good post written by him about his failures and success.
Area of Blogging : Saurav Sharma blogs on technology , SEO, Gadgets, Internet marking, blogging, Google adsense etc.

Saurav Sharma has the following sites under his name:
Traffic and Other Details
  • Date of Registration: 2009-12-07
  • Google PR: 0
  • Alexa Rank: 65,000
  • Reach: 0.0029
  • Pageview Per Users: 2.4
  • Search Traffic %: 22.2%
  • Top 3 Ranking Countries: India,Indonesia,United Kingdom and United State
From all the above site The income is

Total Income*: $300 Per day, Approx $9,000 Per Month

Rs 4 Lakh  Per Month in Indian Rupee